30 October, 2010

A very important list

Rie's list of things to do before the bub arrives
Deadline.... 11th December.....

- Assemble cot
- Wash all the bub clothes and cot linen
- Organise a change table
- Make a cot quilt
- Finish round crochet blanket for the pram
- Order pram
- Finish small granny square crochet blanket
- Make bibs
- Finish reading Up The Duff
- Start & then finishing reading Baby Love
- Organise my christmas card list early
- Make christmas cards
- Organise the christmas presents early
- Make christmas presents
- Paint & guild coffee table 1
- Glue stamps & finish coffee table 2
- Remember to sign up for postal vote for the upcoming Vic election
- Organise a baby photo book (adding the scans done so far)
- Do tax by end of October
- Make bibs
- Pack bags for hospital
- Find the other list of To Do's & add to the this list!
- Make and hang curtains for the baby's room (aka the craft room, back room, spare room & storage room!)

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  1. That's quite a bit to do! Hope you plan to rest enough as well. Good luck with your list. Make sure you do the most important ones first. And good luck with your last few weeks before you meet your little one.


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