08 October, 2010

Jelly squares

I've finally managed to find a reason to buy a jelly roll - to make a quilt for the cot.
I love the excitement of unrolling the jelly roll..... what will I uncover!
But whilst at the store, I couldn't resist these gorgeous squares that I'll use for the other side of the quilt.
So, now the question is, how big is a cot quilt? I have no idea!


  1. Please explain to me what a jelly roll is??? I hear it all the time...??


  2. WOW - how wonderful ... the opportunities for creative projects must be almost overwhelming ... the mystery of it all! :)

  3. That's a huge roll of fabric. I am curious to see how it'll be used in quilt making.

  4. (visiting you from kootoyoo...hi!)
    My suggestion on cot quilt size is to make it slightly bigger than you think - so you can tuck baby in nice and tightly! A cozy baby is a happy baby :-)


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