21 October, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I have decided to NOT keep these cute selvedges even though they are cute I have no use for them. I must throw them away, I must, I mean I will but I'll just look at them a little longer before they hit the bin.

Mr is taking me to the beach for a couple of days as my body is really beginning to feel tired from the pregnancy - he's even booked a room with a spa for me to soak my weary bones! Sweet, I can't wait!!!!!

Have you entered my giveaway yet and have you joined in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space?


  1. I know how you feel, Rie! I'm currently trying to sort out my stash of everything-under-the-sun-and-the-kitchen-sink ;) Be strong and throw!

    Have fun at the beach! Kx

  2. Your Mr sounds like a very caring man! Good luck with your pregnancy.

  3. Have a lovely relaxing weekend! What a treat :)

  4. oh trying to think of something to make with them....but I can't....Have a great relax!!


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