07 June, 2009

Saturday Spending...

Saturday came around and it's a long weekend.... Yippee! So off we go on a car trip to Echuca via Bendigo. And of course, a stop at Bendigo means a trip to the Bendigo Woollen Mills!

Long story cut short..... after a spend of $130, I now have (hopefully) enough wool to make a new crochet blanket!
And no, I haven't finished the green/white crochet blanket yet!


  1. love the colors! have a great week!

  2. Beautiful yarn! I love those soft, earthy colors.

  3. Oh lucky you! I love the colours you choose!

  4. Mmmmmmm.. Bendigo wools and crocheted blanket in the same sentence...

  5. Gorgeous Rie, are there any pics of the crocheted blanket? Those colours are really stunning.


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