09 January, 2010

Safe as ...... books!

After convincing Mr to hand over one of his old out-dated uni text books,

I set to cut it up,

This is as far as I got before I broke my cutter.
It is only deep enough to hide pegs at the moment!

And this is it, the finished booksafe, safe enough to hide chocolate!

And these are the pages I cut out, seems a waste to throw them out..

So this is where they are stashed, in my paper scraps drawer.

Have you ever made a booksafe?


  1. I have! But my cut out pages didn't look nearly as neat as yours - I really, really hacked at them... AND, on top of that, the book is now somewhere where I don't know where it is... probably hiding in one of the numerous shelves or piles of books around here...

    Mmmmmm.... hidden, secret chocolate is the best kind of chocolate....

  2. but don't forget about it and have the chocolate melt on you!


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