07 May, 2010

Ahh (she sighs a breath of relief)

So, I just happened to be in the city yesterday (Melbourne) andI thought, 'well I'm walking past Lincraft, why not pop in and see if they have restocked the yarn that I'm out of'.

And sigh, yes, they were - except the green but I picked up another that was almost the same colour & texture.

All I have to do now is finish the softer hues baby blanket and then pick up the 'dumped' brighter baby blanket.
And then I need to somehow turn a 7 day week into a 10 day week, add a few extra hours to each day, find oodles & bundles of energy to handle the extra time. Oh, I may as well throw in winning the lotto as the apartment is overflowing with craft and books and gosh, I guess if my nose was smaller and my waist was thinner too....


  1. When you manage to do all that, let us know! I'm sure many of us would like to know the secret!

  2. LOL. I share your joy. If I go into Lincraft (or any yarn/fabric shop really) it takes a long time for me to leave. And I ALWAYS buy stuff that I can't possibly find time to make. Too many ideas, too little time!!! xx


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