06 June, 2011

Sometimes it's hard.

That's it Rie. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.
Are you having tough week?  I am.

Two relatives in the hospital and on one day last week, those two relatives were both in Intensive Care at the same time. Not nice.
 Not fun.
BUT... they are getting better - bit by bit, day by day.

BUT, my house isn't my house anymore, I have two additional relatives staying with me so they can visit their spouses in the hospital.  Which is ok. But I can't use the lounge in the morning cos one is sleeping in there. The toilet seat is always up now.  The shower has been over-run with other peoples products. There is way more washing up. I even said to one the other day... "I'm doing a load of laundry today so pop anything needing washing in the basket"... which then lead to two loads of laundry cos he didn't want his cream coloured trousers washed with the other stuff... patience.. just breathe....

And I yelled at bubba Joe the other day & made him cry. I didn't mean too. It was just stress building up. But I made him cry.  So that made me the worst mum in history. So that made me cry. Which made bubba Joe cry again. But then we layed in the sunbeam and everything was ok.  And he loves me. And I love him. And we went out to look at the trees and the birds and watched tv together. So that was ok.

And then I found these...
Which is good, so I can now put a pin on the brooch I am making.

And tomorrow will be good. I contacted the local knitting group & asked if I could join in. And I can. And I can take bubba Joe. So tomorrow we will be knitting in a cafe with a stranger! Fun. I'm looking forward to it.

How is your week? How do you deal with stress?  And seriously, do you separate colours when doing laundry... cos I don't. Well, I didn't. But apparently I have to know whilst I have visitors!