15 March, 2013

Good bye Mr Reader

Did you see the latest happening in Google world?  They are shutting down Google Reader - yep, as of June there will be no more reader to read your fav blogs in!
Bummer!   What a pain in the whatsit, cos now I have to go through my entire subscription list to see who I can subscribe to in another way!

So that means two things..
a)  how do you subscribe/follow my blog?  I know I haven't been around much lately but I don't want to loose you.  Perhaps you might like to Subscribe to CraftyRie by Email
b) can you recommend any blogs for me to follow?  Do you have a fav blog that makes your day, that makes you laugh, think or create? Or perhaps you'd like to tell me if you have a blog too.

You see, when I originally saw that Google Reader was finishing I was completely annoyed but after thinking about it, I've decided to be happy about it &start fresh with my blog reading. I LOVE to read blogs, I love to see into other peoples worlds, see their creations and their inspirations. Do you?
But wait, are you thinking to yourself that blogs are slowly becoming old news? That people are no longer interested in reading or commenting on blogs?  I was guilty of thinking that too but them I realised why, people are posting a photo of their thing (creation, blog post etc) on all forms of social media so by the time you've seen the same image on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - when you come to read their blog you're kinda sick of the image & don't bother to look at the post.   That's why I stopped commenting on some of the blogs, I'd already left my feedback on either Facebook or Instagram.     I try my hardest not to do this myself, I don't want to bore you!  I use my phone to take photos for Instagram, use my digital camera for images on my blog and try to post other pics on Facebook - do you do this, how do you overcome 'reader fatigue'??

Ok, that's enough of my dribble for now!

Before I go, let me say.... thanks for hanging in there with me. I know I haven't been around much lately, I've had a few things going on in my life & blogging was on the backburner for me. BUT... I would like to send a heart-felt thank you & big hugs to those beautiful readers that emailed me asking if I was ok, that my lack of blogging didn't mean something serious. You guys made my day (seriously, thank you).

Hugs, Rie.