07 August, 2017

A Quiet Play book

A fun sewing project straight from my sewing machine, a book for 'quiet time' to give me a few moments of peace every now and then!
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The 'book' starts with the front of the house, I adjusted the pattern ever-so-slightly and made the front door open with a hint of what was too come ie.. bears fishing!
Then we open the door/house and find a tent with a sleeping bag where you'll find a sleeping bear, quick shut the flaps & let him sleep!
Uh-oh, he's awake and hungry, off he goes to the lake to catch some fish for his dinner!

Ok, so that's it - quick, simple and the kiddo loves it. It's heading off the gift cupboard for Laney's upcoming 4th birthday.

Grab the pattern here, it's on sale at the moment AND there is a sewalong for this starting for this over here - so quick sticks, there's no excuse to not make it now!

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  1. OMG this is awesome! Looks like Joe likes it too!


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