22 January, 2018

Mini Blankets

What do you do when your 7yo son asks you for a 'blankie' to help him to not to 'turn into a bad person'??   You drop everything & sit there and make him a small blanket to surprise him in the morning.

Joe sat beside me last night and asked if I could remember back when I was a kid, if I ever worried about what type of person that I'd be.   I couldn't recall, so I asked him what type of person does he think he'll be. His answer .... "a bad person".   Why, I asked. He replied that he often gets angry and it stays inside of him.  What does a 7yo get angry about?  Turns out, he gets angry because of his little sister! He then asked if he could have a little blankie like his friend does, so he can hold it to lessen his anger and to help him let go of it.    

OMG. Yes, I said, I would see what I could do.

So that night, I stopped work on all my other projects & hunted through my stash for some yarn to make him a small blankie. I found some super soft Italian cotton ..hmm, holding that against my cheek and it was seriously smooth. Yep, that'll do.  So I sat & crocheted and the above piccie was what I came up with. Big enough to fold into quarters, soft enough to snuggle and washable.   I popped it beside his bed with a note telling him how much I loved him & how proud I was of him. 
Turns out, the blankie was perfect as later he was watching a cartoon on tv and said to me 'the blankie is working, I'm not feeling as angry' ... I look up to see him watching a cartoon. Ahh, cartoons aren't what they were when I was a kid. When I was growing up, cartoons were supposed to be about laughter but nowadays they are all about violence.  So me & Dadda explained that and perhaps we need to limit cartoons in our house and perhaps we should watch something else instead.    

This second blankie is for Laney but for her dolls, can't have one kid getting something new & not the other!

Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com
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