08 June, 2018

Swinging top for Laney

I originally started sewing myself a top but life just kept getting in the way, so I switched and made Laney this top instead.  I think I made the right choice, as she looks so cute in it!

My sewing mojo was all screwed up, everything just kept going wrong. 
~ I broke the vacuum when I was cleaning the floor to lay the material out to cut it 
~ The printer played up & ending up sending all my pages to the floor in a crumbled mess
~ I ran out of sticky tape (to stick the pattern together)
~ My daughter Laney took a couple of pattern pages to draw butterflies on
~ I cut out the sleeves wrong & had to cut an extra one ...twice cos I kept getting the 'mirroring wrong'
~ I didn't have any green thread so had to use black
~ My machine kept eating the thread 
~ I sat on a pin
~ I accidently cut my hair whilst trimming thread
~ I had to do an FBA on the top 
~ I then did the pleats, the sleeve & french seamed the shoulders together and popped it over my head to check it out for fit. and cried. I look horrible in high neck tops and it didn't even have the collar on yet. Sigh. 
~ Stopped
~ Ate chocolate
~ Ate more chocolate
~ Spilt my tea on the pattern. 
Ok, a new game plan was needed.
~ Dug around in the cupboard for the Emma pattern that I'd made my daughter previously (see it here). 
~ Used the same fabric but cut my daughter out an Emma (pattern here). 
~ Sewed it (wrong in many places but hey, at this point I just wanted to finish it). 
~ Finished it. 
~ Daughter in a cranky mood. 
~ Bribed with lollies. 143 photos later here are the only 4 good photos. 
~ Done.

...have you ever had one of those months??   
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  1. This is very sweet! The final effect is really great! You can see that the girl is happy! Good job!


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