05 July, 2018

Pie Time crochet van ....and my own errata for the pattern!

Confession: I crocheted this van for my son last year and wanted to see how he used it before doing a Show & Tell on my blog! 

Yes, he loved it and how does he use it? He stores his Shopkins in it and I think that is just the cutest thing! 

Am I glad I made it? Yes!  It was a challenge and I'd never seen anything like it, so I really enjoyed crocheting it.   It's actually supposed to be an ice-cream van but my son keeps saying he wants to have his own pie shop, maybe even a pie food truck - so I just had to turn it into one!

And now you want to make one too because it's just so cool, am I right?!  The pattern is from a book, grab it either here or here.

And what yarn did I use?  I used this yarn for the main body and for the smaller colour pieces I used these (super cute) balls.   Biggest tip, is for the materials, you need to use a sturdy cardboard like this, otherwise it'll collapse on you!

What do I make next?  I want to make my son something equally awesome for his birthday this year, so I'm thinking of this but I've first got to find the right colour blue for it, possibly this yarn or this yarn.

Now for the tricky bit: this pattern needed an errata.
When I started making the pattern, I had some major questions with the pattern that needed answers, so I contacted the publisher and the designer but received no response. I did manage to (eventually) find a errata but it wasn't complete and still left me with many questions unanswered. So in an effort to aid the next person that makes this, who may have the same questions as me, you may find some help below. I hope it helps you.

Question... what about a piece for the external rear (or perhaps you’d call it the external floor & back?).
This piece (& instructions) is missing from the pattern, so this is what I did:
~ With matching yarn colour to the first two panels, in my case green, crochet:
Chain 16 (check the width is correct to your other pieces)
Starting in 2nd chain from hook, 15dc across, ch1 & turn.
For the next 11 rows, dc across each row, ch1 at the end, then switch to cream or white yarn and crochet 11 rows - dc across as per previous rows (check that this matches your previous panels).

Question... why do I need to make 2 back panels? Wouldn’t I just need the shaped front panel & shaped back panel - why would I need an additional shaped back panel?
You don't.
Just make 1 x front panel which is the side of the van with the shop hole for the concession window and just make 1 x back panel which is the opposite side (but plain, with NO concession window) - do NOT make 2 back panels.

Question... for the hood & grill section.. rounds 18-22 states I need to dc into every stitch. Count 8 sts along .. line up the windscreen section etc … but which row do I actually attach the windscreen on - row 18, row 19, row 20, row 21, row 22?? So confusing! AND what exactly is a row - is it all the way around (over 40+) stitches or just back & forward & only 22 stitches?? 
I wish I had the answer for you here but I honestly couldn't figure it out properly. I just crocheted the piece looking at the photo in the book, I think I frogged this piece over & over again before I had something that looked like the cab of a truck.

Happy Crocheting!

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