22 November, 2018

Unicorn bag

This bag is was a spur of the moment decision to make as I just couldn't resist turning a bag into a unicorn!

Isn't it the cutest!  
My seven year old son keeps asking me if it's for him but nope, it's for me! 

Pattern is this one. Go on, make it!

Yarn is YarnArt Cotton Soft.

Whilst this bag is totally gorgeous, the pattern needs an errata .. so here's my take on the corrections needed & ideas on how you can make it work for you:

Rnd 29 .. work 3 slip stitches back down to the middle of last 5ch, chain 5 THEN single crochet into the first chain 5 of the previous row (effectively 'closing the wings') and then you continue working down the side in the pattern as stated.

Flower Drawstring Tie 
..it states ::  (see Fig.3)  -- but there is NO Figure 3!

The very first line of instruction states make a chain then start 2nd chain from the hook BUT then it states in Row 1 to start in a magic ring!   Come on, make up your mind what you want us to do!
So I just ignored the first line of instruction and started at Row 1.

In row 1, it would be helpful to tell us what an actual petal was made from, rather then just stating at the end [5petals + 59ch] -  that was confusing, so if you're working that row then just ignore that bit in the brackets.

Wow, this also states (see Fig.4)  -- but there is NO Figure 4!  
It would also be super helpful to state that you need to make 2 ears!  

Row 4. Ok, this needs some work - so after the first 2hdc in next 2 st, chain 1 (then ignore the next chain from the previous row) then work the 2hdc in the dc (of the previous row).


Ok, yet another (see Fig.5)  -- but there is NO Figure 5!

Don't get me started on this horn, it just didn't work and I tried 3 times, in the end I just folded over what I had made and sewed it into a horn type shape. Just go with your guts and use a darning needle to finish it off!

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