06 June, 2019

Tula Pink Teachers Gift

What do you make a teacher whose colour is blue and loves owls? ...hmm, there was only one fabric that came to mind, Tula Pink of course!
But what to make with that gorgeous owl fabric?  We thought & thought and came up with a water bottle carrier and a clipboard - the teacher had a very plain & boring clipboard, so we thought she'd appreciate an upgrade!
We used the same method & tutorial that we used for these ones but by this time, we were a pro at making the covers!
The clipboard, well we winged that!  I used a basic clipboard like this one, used a rectangle of fabric for a pen holder and then stuck it all down with Odicoat and then covered it in several layers to make ith more durable.

I think the clipboard looks awesome!
Funny thing, when we gifted it to the teacher, she just thought the water bottle cozy was the gift, didn't notice the clipboard .. when she did finally notice it, she almost cried tears of joy!
It was super simple to make one, go ahead and make one for the teacher in your life!

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