13 August, 2019

Fat Quarter Cushions

We decided to have a dvd watching party at home but realised that we didn't have enough seats for everyone. So we decided on cushions and we were about to pop into the car to head to the shops to buy some when I remembered that I had a bunch of cushion inserts in the cupboard.  

It turns out, that the cushion inserts were the perfect size/fit for a fat quarter!  So we dug thru the zipper box and found lots of long zips and then sat down with my super big pile of fat quarters.
It was tough choosing fabric for the cushions, I kept saying "no, it's too pretty" ... but then we realised that a cushion was the perfect place to display those "too pretty" pieces of fabric.
It turns out most of my "too pretty to use fabric" (was from here) and I'd been keeping them for the perfect project but it had just never came along ...until now!
To make the cushions I just sewed the zipper along (what I deemed to be) the bottom edge, then sewed up the the other three sides and inserted the cushion insert. I didn't even use my scissors as I didn't trim the selvedges off the cushions or trim the zipper tape as I just tucked the excess inside.
It was such an easy project and the perfect stash buster. I think we'll make some more next time I see cushion inserts on sale!
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