15 April, 2020

Coping with self isolation & social distancing due to Covid-19

Hey there!  How are you?  How is your self isolating going?
I'm at home with two primary school age kids and my husband, who has taken over the kitchen table to work.  Life is umm... unusual, weird, hectic, annoying, frantic, slow, messy, chaotic but we're home & we're safe.

I thought I'd share some fun ideas that you can do at home, I've been using my printer to keep us all occupied and have found some great links for you & your family too.

If you have younger kids, then you might like these:

If you have older kids, then these printable might be fun for them:

My Body by GrammasLittleShop - this is so neat, you print out the pdf, 
then you cut out all the individual body organs then assemble then!

For little kids, big kids and grownups:

Flying Squirrel Paper Puppet from ArtistInLaLaLand, it was so incredibly hard to choose only one to show you as they have a shop full of awesome stuff!

Rhino mask from LPobjects and other gorgeous 3d diy pdf projects including a unicorn, bears & koala just to name a few.

Cute puppets from Aniushop like this Poppycat DIY puppet

For you:

Take the time to write up some of your favourite recipes up onto cards for either yourself, your children, neighbours or penpals using this personalised template from TheLittleBride.

Write your loved ones or penpals some letters to cheer them up in this time of self isolation using either this gorgeous print from BreezyColorsDesign.

Now that you've done something for everyone else, why not take some time to do something for you.
Here's some suggestions on some patterns to print & create something for you:

this is actually already printed & sitting next to my sewing machine already!

I've got this one printed too, just waiting for the kids to be fully distracted before I start it!

yes, I know it's months until Christmas but this year, we've been given this opportunity to be really organised!


Ok, that's my suggestions for this week, do you have any printable/pdf suggestions that you'd care to share as well?
Covid-19 really sucks doesn't it.
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  1. Important methods to get through these times. Covid 19 has dramatically affected my life, but thanks to you and this post, I can live better!
    We will get through this


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