14 July, 2020

Current WIPs & things

It's winter here where I am and chilly cold. How is the weather where you are?
It's getting too cold to work in the garden but I still have to brave the weather to take the kids for walks. So I am always looking forward to those moments when I can sit in my toasty warm lounge room with a hot cup of tea and a crafty project.
I have a few projects on the go at the moment, here's a breakdown of my most recent ones:
2020 temperature blanket - currently on hold as I've run out of yarn & am currently patiently waiting for it to come back into stock at American Yarns.
I've almost finished my Floozy, just need to add the button band but I've popped it down to start a test knit.
The above cardi uses this yarn and the test knit (below) is with this black tonal yarn.

I'm straightening the eyes on knitted teddy bears and knitting some outfits for it including this (above) cardi and then I'll give it back to my kids. I'm thinking of making a few extra outfits and gifting it back to them in their own suitcases (that I still need to sew).

I sewed myself a bra!  I'm quite proud of myself as I've tried before and failed miserably but this pattern (from this designer) actually came in lots of sizes and it fit me perfectly. I'm currently using it as a sleep bra, I bought the power mesh for the bra from here. I've now ordered some more fabric and plan on making myself some more.
And then I sewed myself some undies! I really like this pattern as I can use smaller pieces of fabric to make it rather than a big piece. The cute heart fabric is from here (it was just a fat quarter piece!). I sew these just using my sewing machine and I was thinking of filming a tutorial on how I make them on the sewing machine, what do you think, should I?

I've gotten a jumpstart on my pressie making and have started these cute crochet kittens. The soft fluffy yarn is called Melted Suri and I've used small speckle skeins for the jumpers, I'm using this pattern.

I've also got some more projects going but nothing that I've been doing this week, so it kinda doesn't count as a current WIP! 

How is your making going? What works in progress do you have?

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