19 April, 2021

Eco: 'unpaper' towels or bench wipes


Have you heard of 'unpaper' towels before? You may call them bench wipes or cloth wipes or reuseable wipes/cloths. You can use them instead of paper towels, use & wash then use again. No waste.

Can you tell what these were made from? 

I made them from the kids old bibs! I found the pile of them in the back of the cupboard as I could never figure out what to do with them when they out grew them!

Yes, I could have donated them to the charity shop but they're old & stained and they'd probably have been tossed in the shop's bin. The wipes were so easy to make, I just sewed a seam across, trimmed the top off then zigzagged along the edge. Easy. A quick satisifying project that didn't even take 10 minutes!

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