02 June, 2021

Tshirt Yarn Bassinet

I finally finished this toy bassinet that I've been making for my son (it's been on the go for about a year now)! It kind of got put to the side and abandoned.. whoops.

But after sitting down for a couple of hours with this in my lap, it's finally finished.

I love it, Joe loves it. In fact, we kinda argued about who was going to get it but I compromised and Joe has it on permanent loan until he no longer wants it then it's mine.

I can't wait to fill it up with yarn and use it as a work basket!

In the meantime, Joe is using it with his newborn baby. The baby toy is one that we sewed up together using this pattern

I didn't use a pattern for the bassinet but here's some ideas for some if you're interested. Otherwise, I used T-shirt yarn and a basket base

If you've got a minute or two, I'd love your feedback, what else should I add to these Crafty Inspo lists & should I keep the books on or not? 

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