12 March, 2022


A crocheted Dobby toy sitting next to a Harry Potter book.

Meet Dobby, he's our house elf. I just finished crocheting him for my son as he is a mega Harry Potter fan. I umm, I tried so hard to finish Dobby for my son's 11th birthday but I just didn't make it (it was just before Christmas). I finished it today and along the way, I kept my son updated with the progress. 

Two crocheted feet & legs from the Dobby toy.

In fact, my son approved all toe & finger placements. Then approved the arm & leg attachments. Checked the sturdiness of the head/neck. Lastly, he helped me cut, design & sew Dobby's outfit.

A close up view of the crocheted Dobby showing his arm, head and yellowish fabric tunic.

Dobby pattern is from here..... (in Australia) or here: https://amzn.to/3w8f318 (in the USA).

The yarn I used was this: http://shrsl.com/3f8hd

An young lad holding the Dobby crochet toy in front of him. The toy's head is approx the same size as the boy.

I'm actually pretty pleased with myself as the lil guy is super cute. As you can see in the image above, he's not a small toy.

Dobby crochet toy lying flat.

The crochet pattern isn't for beginners but if you've completed a few toys then I'm sure you'll make him with ease.

The crocheted Dobby toy sitting upright with a front view showing his feet up close.

Ironically, I'm not actually a fan of  Dobby in the series as I don't like how he hurts himself but this lil guy is adorable. 

Are you a Dobby fan? 

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