06 April, 2022

The Bribe Dress

A young girl holding her hands up as she celebrates getting her vax wearing a new dress with a burgandy bodice and tie dye skirt.

I'm totally guilty of bribing my child. Yep, sometimes you just need too. This was done because she needed to have her second covid vax and when she went for the first, she deliberately wore a long fitted sleeve dress that was really hard to take remove when she needed her shot. So this dress was made & given to her just before we jumped into the car to go to the clinic.

We also bribed her with 3 lollipops and a promise of hot chips on the wharf for dinner afterwards.

It worked. She is now fully vaccinated. She walked into the clinic a scared little mouse and walked out a queen as she was so proud of herself for actually getting the vax!

Pattern: I used this bodice pattern as it's a good fit and easy to sew. I've sewn this bodice/dress a few times now as it's quick to make and my daughter wears the dresses over & over again. I just kind of made up the skirt as I went along, I didn't hem it as it's knit fabric & didn't need to be. Fabric is just stuff from my stash.

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A young girl standing wearing a dress with a burgandy bodice and colourful tie-dye skirt.

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