17 June, 2022

Sewing beanies

I'm currently in between major knitting projects and I hate being idle, so I decided to start knitting beanies for charity. 
I asked my Mum for her beanie knitting pattern and memorized it after the first time I knit one. I'm using up my stash, so the beanies are all different, wool, acrylic, wool blends.
I then thought that I needed pompoms, I was going to buy some and shuddered at the price, so I decided to make some. They're actually easy to make, let me know if you want me to do a tutorial on making them.

I then decided to sew some beanies as my favourite 'go to' beanie that I wear is actually fabric, not knitted. I used this easy sewing pattern...  and gosh, it's possibly the easiest thing that I have ever sewn. Can you guess how long it took to sew one?  If you want to find out how long it takes to sew one, then click here... to see the clip I filmed.
These beanies have been donated to my local public hospital, to the cancer treatment ward, to help keep patients warm as it's super chilly cold here as it's mid-winter.
I'm going to keep knitting & sewing beanies because I can't choose what to knit but I'm narrowing it down ... it's just the cost of yarn that is truly stopping me.

What do you do in-between projects when you need something to keep your fingers busy not idle at night time?

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