25 November, 2022

The Skull Cowl


Joe turns 12 in a few weeks and I wanted to knit him something as he loves wearing handmade. Choosing something to knit a preteen is difficult, it's not about what I think he'll cute in but rather what he would choose to wear & like wearing. 

When I discovered this skull pattern, well, it kinda just ticked all the boxes. The pattern actually comes as either a scarf or a cowl, I chose the cowl version and also chose the bulky yarn version so I had a chance of finishing it before his birthday.

You can't tell from these photos but the yarn is actually a dark hunter green.

The pattern is this one and yes, it's "lace" but hey, I did it & didn't even have to block out any mistakes, so if you've never done lace work before, then this is perfect for you! And I also just discovered that the knitting designer who made this pattern is actually Australian!  Yay for supporting local!

I used yarn from my stash, but here's a few suggestions for you to use: this gorgeous dark colour or maybe this bold colour yarn too.

Also, I have say that I used this stitchers gps to make reading a lace chart super easy. I'm so glad that I used it and have actually bought another one so I never ever ever get lost in a pattern again!  I can't believe that something so simple made it easy for me to knit lace! 

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