20 March, 2023

What are the best knitting needles?


The best knitting needles are ones that you use over & over & over again. They are the needles that glide easily with any project with any yarn. Bonus points if those needles are have interchangeable swivel cables & cables ends to make life easier, so you switch from the back to the front, sleeves etc with your project and not have to worry about dropping stitches or losing needles.

I absolutely recommend these KnitPro knitting needles, not only are they are incredibly beautiful, I love the style, the feel and how they all come together in the set. 

The knitting needles set that I'm using is The Gratitude set that is from the Mindful collection by KnitPro. They are an all inclusive set, knitting needles in a large range of sizes, with all the cables & accessories that you need.

The knitting needles are smooth gliding needles that are easily attached to the cables. The cables have a swivel action, so they won't tangle, bend or crimp in your knitting. If the cables aren't long enough then there are cable connectors included so make the cables longer. The matching accessories included in the cute case are cable ends, darning needles, cable keys (for attaching the cable to the knitting needle) and a large variety & styles of stitch markers.

This handy knitting set is the perfect gift for yourself or the new or seasoned knitter in your family. 

Check them out here for more information!

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