11 October, 2023

Gifts for me & you!

 Did you know that my birthday is coming up? Yep! I'm an October baby and I love 'window shopping' for me.
Actually, I'm not just doing this guide for me, I'm doing it for major drop hints for my hubby and well, if you're like me (cos you're reading this blog post) then maybe you might like some of these ideas for you too & buy yourself a sweet treat!

I have a real need for this awesome rug, I'm not sure where I'd put it.
Would it look weird next to my bed? 
Check it out here...

Gimme this heirloom type necklace with the leaf engraving, photos and longest chain length! 
Click here to see more details, choices etc here....

I had a dream that I had a yellow bag... just like this one! Yes please!
It doesn't come in yellow, so maybe brown!
Also the shop has Salamanca in the name, so maybe it's local to me!
Have a
look at all their awesome bags here.... 

The dog keeps eating all my ceramic planters, I need more but don't fret, I'll keep them inside away from the ruddy dog!  Check them out here, they're adorable!

Oh yes. I've always, always wanted a neon sign. I'd love one that says "love lives here"
and another just for Christmas that says "Merry & Joy".
 ..what would you have on a neon sign? Get yours here...

I need a handle for my greenhouse, this one would be ace! 

I'm seriously guilty of collecting random bottles & propagating plants on window ledge,
maybe this'll work better and look better too!    Get some for you too! 

Let's pretend that I have a Pinterest worthy kitchen and I'm styling this like in the photos.
Yet in reality, I'd actually love it for carrying (& holding) the sauces, cutlery & my daughter's water bottle to place on the coffee table for where we eat our dinner in front of the tv! 
Grab one or two for yourself or family here...

It says it all really, get yours here.....

For lots more ideas, you can jump over to this gift guide for more drooling!   


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