21 May, 2009

Crazy patchwork

A long time ago, probably about 14 years ago, I started to use all my old scraps of material and make them into something useful.
Today, the project is still an ongoing one, I still use
the scraps of material and sew them hap-hazardly together (hand sewn of course!) to eventually make a quilt for the bed.
The patchwork has scraps of material from various handsewn projects over the years - ranging from my old school uniform, dresses, pillowcases and boxer short scraps!

My favourite time to sit down and do the patchwork is on short holidays. You know the type, the long weekends away where your Partner goes off golfing or fishing an
d you spend a well earned break with your feet up normally with a good book or a relaxing massage - well I choose to sit my feet up and add to the patchwork!

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  1. Good for you! I love those crazy, scrappy patchwork quilts. So much personality and memories.


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