16 May, 2009

The Big Decision

I had a dream.
Yes a dream, a dream that I finished a craft project - one of my crochet blankets.
Inspired, I awoke in the morning determined to hunt out the project & finish it! As I sat eating breakfast, I tried to recall the last time I had seen the blanket, and more importantly of course...where it was stored.
The spare room, it had to be in the spare room, of course it was, it had to be. I opened up the cupboard and of course, something immediately fell out - but no, it wasn't the bl
anket it was the painting I had started 3 years ago and never finished! I quickly rummaged through the stacks of bags, boxes and piles in the cupboard - it wasn't there. Nothing is meant to be easy for me.
It had to be in the other cupboard, the one that is hard to get in to due to the fact there is a pushbike, chair, stack of blankets, guitar bag, toolbox and of course the Futon smack bang in front of it. Damn, I hate living in a small apartment!.
So after sweet-talking my partner, he pulled all obstacles away, and voila, after a quick search of the cupboard - there was the crochet blanket that I had dreamt about!

I put the kettle on, made myself a cuppa and sat down to finish the blanket.
I pulled the blanket out of the bag and found out why it had been stored all those years ago - it had run out of wool. TYPICAL! The blanket has 2 colours: aqua green & bright white. The aqua green is left over from another crocheted blanket I had finished years earlier - making t
his blanket was a way of using the green up. But it was the white wool that I had run out of!
So off to the shops we went. The closest store to me is Spotlight - but in typical Spotlight fashion, they had no 8ply white wool in the shelves. So once again the project was put aside, until I told my mother the dilemma, she saved the day of course. My mum is the Queen of Crafts,
and promptly walked to her wool stash and pulled out exactly the wool I need. Good ole mum!

I am still finishing the blanket off - I then promptly hurt my back, recovered and then had a bad head cold!


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2009

    Great blog, I know you have a great range of other crafts that you should show here too. PJ

  2. Anonymous18 May, 2009

    Look forward to the next exciting episode of the Resurrected Blanket! Nice to see I am not the only person with a few projects on the go. Ness


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