30 July, 2009

Flora maker....

I've been busy making crochet flowers.I've stream-lined the process, so know I'm steam-rolling along!
Just not sure what I am going to do with them all!

But it's winter here in Melbourne, maybe I should scatter them in the garden!


  1. I love crochet flowers! So many uses ;) K

  2. Ha ha ha. Like your idea of what to do with them. They're pretty. You should join them together and make a scarf or something.

  3. Yes!
    That's what I'm doing too!
    So easy and fast to make, lovely outcome and can be put anywhere....maybe scatter in the garden.....;)

  4. Crochet flowers always remind me of my Grandmother, she taught me to crochet when I was 8

  5. They're beautiful! Thanks for coming to visit. I have only just started making flowers today, so I haven't quite worked out yet what to do with them, no doubt some will end up on brooches, and I think some hair bands for my daughter. Plus, they might girly up a few of her brother's hand-me-down jumpers...

  6. Now you realise you'll never be able to stop until you've made a kazillion? I had the same obsession, although admittedly it coincided directly with an eight week visit by the inlaws.

  7. Hi Rie, I think your gorgeous flowers would make great covers for magnets to hang things on the fridge with :)You could also attach those snap-hairclips to them and use them when your hair is up in a pony tail or similar and then slip one in your hair to make it look pretty. Love your little page too, photo's are realy nice. Ness


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