17 September, 2009

Daisy power

Take one plastic daisy thingy-me-bob....
Make 1 magical daisy....
Make another daisy attached to this, then another, then another...
Put them all together and it supposed to equal a shawl....but I don't wear shawls....so I am thinking of turning it into a wall hanging cos it just looks so dreamy!
Don't fret - it's fairly easy to do ..... I will make a tutorial in the coming months for you to try it out too!


  1. Rie, that looks amazing - now that's a gadget I want. Can't wait to see tut.

  2. Very beautiful!It looks so delicate, imagine making curtains out of it... What a very cool gadget!

  3. this is so cool! really? it´s easy to do? can´t wait for the tutorial. besos! jane

  4. Curtains, yes!! or even a beautiful lamp shade! I love the fuzzy mohair, it is a lovely choice! Chele


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