10 September, 2009

Searching for a good yarn,,,

I'm addicted to new projects - I was going to start another one!
So, I dived into my wool stash to hunt for the perfect yarn.... and guess what, to my suprise, there wasn't the 'right' yarn.
BUT.... whilst I had my head down & bum up in the cupboard, I found 3 more hidden stashes!
Question....Do I hide these from myself or does the evil fairy come in at night and do this?
I found this....

Yeah, good question - what is it?!?  It's a whole pile of lime green granny square centres with the odd bright colour thrown in, trust me - the photo does not show the injustice of how lime green the squares are! Some has been stitched into rows, was I going to make a tiny blanket? When did I start this? Why did I start this? Why lime green? The questions just go on & on...
And then I found this paperbag.

In it was a very cute stash of fabric squares, all rolled up. I remember buying them about 5 years ago, but why?

Why did I buy them? What was I going to make? How did they end up in the cupboard hidden in a bagful of yarn?
But wait, there's more..

Then there was this bag.... another pile of yarn that I had bought with specific projects & patterns in mind. But they never got made! Suprise, suprise! I think the reason why they were never made was because of that P word, you know.... pattern.  Me & patterns, ughh, I shudder at the thought!
So back to why I was in the cupboard... I found a cute 'pattern' for a crochet bag - it looks so easy, 4 triangles sewn together - easy peasy!  But no yarn to make them.
Check out the pattern on the Knitting Daily website

The bad news is that there is no yarn store near home or work - I would have to go out of my way to buy the yarn to start the new project.
The good news is there is no yarn store near home or work - I would have to go out of my way to buy the yarn to start the new project!!


  1. Secret stashes uncovered. How exciting and inspiring. That bag looks great.

  2. Ah, a girl after my own heart! You should see the stashes in my craft room, you would weep. I get all sentimental over where I bought them ('Oh I can't possibly use that fabric, I bought it in Libertys when I first moved to London' etc). But sometimes you have to just knuckle down and make SOMETHING ... even if it doesn't turn out to be what you first planned ;) x


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