16 July, 2010

Plus one...

So, I have some news. Good news!
I'm plus one at the moment or should it be plus a-half or maybe even plus a-quarter?  Yep, I'm pregnant with my first child and the bub is due mid December.

I have completely lost interest in everything crafty at the moment, the only things I am interested in are sleeping, trying to eat and hold down my food! But I am getting better, slowly, thank goodness for white carbohydrates - it's the only thing keeping me going at the moment!

I am starting to plan things, craft wise of course.  I am thinking that I should make a real effort to finish the baby blanket I started crocheting over 10 months ago and then I could make a mobile using crocheted motifs to hang from it.  Booties and clothes also spring to mind, but the baby is due in Summer, right into the heat of summer, so it won't be needing booties or cute little hats - just plenty of aircon!

So, I need your help, nay, that is rude, I request your help! I need ideas, for example: what do I need, what can I make?  This is my first child and I've never been a clucky person, therefore I have absolutely no idea what I or the baby will need!
The only thing truly on my mind at the moment is the mobile - where can I get the mechanism that turns the mobile (without of course buying a brand new mobile and taking off the stuff already on there), is there a supplier that sells that kind of stuff?  


  1. Congratulations, so happy for you. I hope all goes well and you don't get too Blah!!!
    Make the most of your free time now is my best tip. Create anything you can. You will not believe how much time you can waste just staring and watching your new bub when it arrives.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! What an exciting and special time. Congratulations! that is the most exciting news!

    The baby will be 6months old in Winter and perfect for maximum cuteness in beanies!!

    I had a summer baby ( jan) what about nappy covers- nice ones from nice fabrics...

    you could applique some singlets etc...

    lots of toys of course!

  3. ... and what about a sling to carry the baby- loads of patterns available to buy on Etsy, I used one for teh first year with mine- didn't touch the pram.

  4. Oh congratulations on the fabulous news! I usually give handmade bibs and flannel blankies to my friends when they have a new baby and they all seem to really love them. They're really quick and easy to whip up.

  5. Babies are so yummy! I wish I had had more! :) My advice is not crafty:

    1) try soda crackers and bananas. Worked for me.
    2) post important information, like at what degrees F or C is a temp. a fever, if you don't know it, and any other information you may need so that in a panic you won't have to think. your cell phone might fail you. write it down.
    3) plan for the "baby blues" by buying some things for yourself, for such a time, like yarn, a good book or movie, etc. not everybody gets baby blues, but it would be nice to have things to lift your spirits. you can even write yourself notes and encouragement. wrap them up and open AFTER you give birth, not before!
    4) finally, can't help including something crafty. baby booties, that can later be heirlooms, would be nice. and a nursing shawl for you, should you decide you'll nurse.

    i'm rambling... good night, God's blessings, and congratulations!

  6. Oh how wonderful! I hope you throughly enjoy the experience even with all the yukky stuff. A mobile is a great idea. You should make one with long dangly bits and bright colours that doesn't have a mechanism to turn it and simply let the summer breeze blow through it. Oh that brings a lovely relaxing image to mind.

  7. Wow, big congrats! Enjoy it all & I hope the morning sickness will go away really fast! :)

  8. So, I figured this out from reading through your most recent posts, but YAY! Congratulations! I LOVE being pregnant - it is such a magical time in your life. Of course, I LOVE having babies to hold and snuggle with, too. My advice - make bibs! You'll probably find that you need a million of them (much easier to change the bib than change the whole outfit, and they are so easy to make!


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