16 July, 2010

Plus one...

So, I have some news. Good news!
I'm plus one at the moment or should it be plus a-half or maybe even plus a-quarter?  Yep, I'm pregnant with my first child and the bub is due mid December.

I have completely lost interest in everything crafty at the moment, the only things I am interested in are sleeping, trying to eat and hold down my food! But I am getting better, slowly, thank goodness for white carbohydrates - it's the only thing keeping me going at the moment!

I am starting to plan things, craft wise of course.  I am thinking that I should make a real effort to finish the baby blanket I started crocheting over 10 months ago and then I could make a mobile using crocheted motifs to hang from it.  Booties and clothes also spring to mind, but the baby is due in Summer, right into the heat of summer, so it won't be needing booties or cute little hats - just plenty of aircon!

So, I need your help, nay, that is rude, I request your help! I need ideas, for example: what do I need, what can I make?  This is my first child and I've never been a clucky person, therefore I have absolutely no idea what I or the baby will need!
The only thing truly on my mind at the moment is the mobile - where can I get the mechanism that turns the mobile (without of course buying a brand new mobile and taking off the stuff already on there), is there a supplier that sells that kind of stuff?