29 July, 2010

My Creative Space

It's all about piles this week, well, actually they are there every week, maybe I'm only just starting to see them!
This is a pile of postcards that I've been collecting for making into something, hmm, for actually making into something someday.  Next to the pile of postcards is a pile of paper ready for filing someday, under the filing is a pile of used train tickets - that one I don't know why it's there, I mean, what can I possibly be going to do with a pile of used train tickets?

I blame the pregnancy, I'm going to use it as an excuse whilst it's there to use!  I'm only 21weeks into the pregnancy and am fearing that the piles are going to get even worse! 
I've even started to gather a pile of lists of things to do before the baby is born.... such lists contain things such as Buy: pram, cot, nappies, jumpsuits etc. Another list has all the things I need to make for the bub: crochet blanket, mobile, bunny rugs etc. Another list has all the things I need to do to get ready: de-clutter  bathroom, empty 'soon to be baby wardrobe', find somewhere for the cot etc. Another list has all the things that I need to do for Christmas (the baby is due 2 weeks before xmas): Santa stockings, make xmas cards, make xmas list etc etc.   AND then, there is the notion of I have absolutely no idea what to expect and to give up all the notion of lists and just wing it!

But then I remember that I am a Libra'n  living with another Libra'n and they are known for cluttered homes and then I relax!

Have you joined in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space?

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  1. I'm a Libra, too, and I didn't know they were known for having cluttered homes. That makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! My hubby HATES clutter, and is such a minimalist that it drives me crazy! I find that I horde things down in my sewing room so I can enjoy them, but he can't see them.


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