02 August, 2010

I'm really trying here...

Getting back into the crafty swing of things is taking a lot longer than I had anticipated.
Who'd thought that I'm not up to my ears with baby projects now that I'm mid way thru my second trimester?
I keep picking up this blanket to finish it, even though the baby is due December and it will be hot, I can't wait to see a baby on the blanket, wait not a baby.... my baby!
Whenever I pick this up, I get distracted by the pretty colours and then time flies by and I lose concentration and put it down again!


  1. ohhh I rememebre those day dreamy days, day dreaming over the baby, it is so weird that when Busy was born i just couldn't get over that this was the baby that had been insdie me... I still can't beleive she was inside me - but know she was but cannot imagine... I spent the first year crying tears of joy over her... I am so excited for you....

    ( jeez- soppy enough??)

  2. Make baby booties. Very fast to make and you'll have accomplished something for baby. :) What a blessing!

  3. Understandable. It is so easy to make baby things until you realize you are actually MAKING A BABY! Besides that, any other project seems inconsequential and petty. What an exciting time!


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