06 August, 2010

A winter's day

It's winter, but it's almost over. Yay!
So, here is a piccie of some flowers that I treated myself (from the supermarket!). 
What are you doing this weekend?  I'll be having a posh afternoon tea at The Windsor then we'll pop on over & adore Captain Cooks cottage.  What will you be doing?
Whatever it is that you shall entertain yourself with.. have an awesome weekend!


  1. As it is summer here, my weekend will likely involve some time at the city pool, a night at the drive-in movies, and school supply shopping with the kiddos. Oh, and some quilting, of course! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It's always summer here, well, almost. Sometimes it's gets cool over here on the island, Puerto Rico. I'm just staying home and will finish a baby blankie and listen to some recordings. That's a beautiful flower you have there, really like the color.


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