24 March, 2011

What are you doing?

I'm not doing anything crafty.
I'm not doing the vacuuming or dusting.
I'm not doing pilates or exercising on the cross trainer.
I'm not sorting the washing.

I'm definitely not ironing.
I'm definitely not on a low calorie diet.
I'm definitely not wishing for a hot summer's day.

I am experimenting in the kitchen with lentils.
I am looking for my box of crochet hooks.
I am trying to sooth a 3mth old baby who is teething.
(and) I'm trying to not get stressed out with my 3mth old bubba.

I have got a band-aid on my finger.
I've just found a letter I forgot to post 6mths ago.
and I rang my mum yesterday (like a good girl).

I want to return my library books on time.
I want to find the best ever recipe for lentils (for a beginner lentil eater!).
I want to find my box of crochet hooks.
I want to .... hmm... I want to do lots of things but at the moment this will suffice!!

What are you doing??


  1. Sounds like you are being a Mum. It is full on while they are little. As they get bigger they settle into more of a routine and you get to try and fit all the other stuff in around sleeps. That is if you are not catching up on some sleep yourself.

    Wow! Teething already. Hope it passes quickly for you and a bit easier for Joe.

    What have I been doing. Well, spring cleaning, decluttering, doing the school drop off and pick up, and basically running around in circles coming out in squares. LOL.

    Hope you find your crochet hooks, get to return the books and find an amazing lentil recipe(sorry can't help with that). But most of all I hope you have a totally amazing time with your family.
    Cheers, Deb

  2. I am waiting for my three children to get to sleep, then I may watch Gardening Australia on iview and eat some ice-cream!
    xo Rach


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