16 April, 2011

Packed and partially moved...

Yep, we're on the move.
Me, Mr & bubba Joe have packed most of our stuff & are currently sitting in our new rental in Tasmania.
Yep, Tasmania.

We haven't completed our move yet - the removalists deliver the stuff on Monday & we still have about 5% of smaller stuff left in the old flat - we'll sort that out later (one last trip home!). So I haven't said my goodbyes to Melbourne yet, I'm not quite ready for that!

But, let me just say, that moving with a 3 month old teething bub is a difficult thing.

Let me also say, that waking up & wandering out onto your new deck & seeing dolphins makes that previous said difficult thing seem suddenly worth it!

Some things I have discovered....
I have chipped every fingernail & can't find my emery board.
I didn't pack a spare set of jimmy jams & will now have to wear baby vomit jimmy jams to bed tonight.
Where is my moisturiser? My face feels like it is sucked dry.
The new bathroom is white, which is lovely, except for the fact I have almost black hair & I'm still losing it post-pregnancy, so now I have a black & white bathroom.
It's cold. Hobart is cold.
Restocking the pantry is turning out to be expensive. (you can't bring food over to Tassie because of quarantine)

A huge yacht just sailed our new place. I now feel really poor.
There are centipedes everywhere - dead centipedes. Do they come here to die? Is this place the centipedes equivalent to an elephants graveyard?
When do I get to sit down & relax? Will this ever happen again?
How long will it take me to find the perfect cafe?
How long will it take me to find the best craft supply shop?

Did you know that I miss blogging! I mentally write blog posts whilst in the shower or nursing bubba Joe but never get around to typing them up. And because I miss this the most, I'm going to try to do more.

What are you doing today? Come on, cheer me up - someone out there has got to be having a good day let alone a better week than me!!


  1. I'm the queen of moving, every 2 years, interstate, with up to 4 children. It's a big cleansing process, i look at it positively, especially the 2 moves ago when our 4th child was 2 - off went his cot, baby clothes, toys, it was a very decluttering move!! You always fall on your feet, i ask around which is the best supermarket, craft stores, you soon piece a new & better life together, dolphins & all.
    I can tell you all the spiders in Australia come to die in Canberra, they are EVERYWHERE, black house spiders, i don't even scream anymore, there are so many.
    Today, i woke up in Brisbane, where my husband lives, so i arrived yesterday afternoon with our 4 children to his bachelor pad, had to bring all our bedding, towels, it was like a little move!! Enjoy your new surrounds, i found breastfeeding solved all my moving issues, that was a nice constant. Love Posie

  2. I moved 2 hours from Sydney in January and it took me about 4 weeks to get my internet put on as the house hadn't been lived in for about 5 years and there was no live phone line. I missed blogging and reading blogs greatly and I am still not quite back into it, but I am doing other things so .... Good luck with your move. Find your husband's flanny and wear that to bed tonight!

  3. Yes, that would be a nightmare!But soon you will be all settled and it is easy to meet people once you have a baby.

  4. We picked up our lives and moved here from Melbourne when our biggest was about that age. Seems like a zillion years ago. Just trust that baby Joe will make it home so quickly. he will help you meet new friends and make you leave the house and walk and find that great coffee.
    Toda we are about the go and pick the last of the apples. then Bren and Indi are going to a community cider pressing and me and the smaller two are going to a birthday party.
    I hope your Sunday is a funday.

  5. Welcome to Tassie
    if you are feeling a little lonely you are more than welcome to come visit me with Bubba in toe at my studio at Battery point.
    Dont worry you will find your feet here soon and there are many interesting,artistic and creative people here to make friends with.
    hope to meet you soon


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