29 April, 2011

Thanks Grandma!

Look what Grandma sent me in the post today.

Mum had been saying that it was cold in our new town
& that I needed mitten & hats,
so look at what Grandma made me.

Do you think they'll make me look smart?
Or wise?
Or just plain cute?

Grandma also made me a vest & some socks too,
but Mum was too tired to put them on me 
cos she just pushed me home in the pram (up a steep hill)
& now she's tired & didn't want to struggle to put them on me 
cos maybe I was being a wriggly baby...

I love my Mum cos she's awesome!
I love Grandma too  - she knits me really warm things!!
Oh and Grandma knitted a pair of socks for Mum too (but the socks are bigger than mine)!


  1. I think I just lactated. He is beautiful. he would look good in anything. But G'ma is very clever and they are all lovely.

  2. What beautiful knits for such a cute baby! He looks like he is quite happy modelling them too!


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