24 October, 2012


Let's talk about a very important issue of late and that is the straight-forward issue of stripes. 
stripes from scraps!
To stripe or not to stripe is the question.... well, it is for me anyway!
I love stripes and I LOVE self-striping yarn! 
Now let's talk about that lovely self-stripey yarn.  Have you ever looked at a ball of self-striping yarn & wondered what it looked like made up?  I have & I wonder this all the time, so just in case you have wondered the same thing, here are some balls vs made-up so you can see what they look like too.

Adriafil Knitcol Art.KN
Noro Taiyo
Sirdar Smiley Stripes 
Now, tell me your fav self-striping yarn - do you have one??  Do you like self-stripies or do you prefer to 'do it yourself' or do you not like stripes at all??  
Oh.. and just to clarify, I'm not talking sock yarn here, I swear there are thousands of stripey sock yarn available - I'm talking DK or Worsted weight yarn that I can make into vests & jumpers and cool stuff like that!


  1. You know, I struggle with variegated yarns. My mum has knitted some amazing baby jumpers in self-striping yarn, but every attempt I've made just looks a mess - I wonder if it's because I crochet and it's just not suitable for crochet?

  2. I like strips and stripy yarm. I'm making a scrappy scarf at the moment using up all my bits. I'm also doing a baby blanket with self patterning yarn and I like the way it's turning out, I'm using Aldi yarn for that. I do like the sirdar strips lovely colours :)

  3. I have used it for hats and I think it makes them more interesting!

  4. I don't want selfstriping yarn for my garments, only scarfs. I love the last one, never saw it. the other two I knitted with already.

  5. Can you tell me what shade of smiley stripes the last one is? I love it!


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