29 October, 2012

The secret project

Ok, so you can keep a secret right... hmmm, right???
Remember how me telling you that I was going to knit my hubby a vest & I asked your opinions on which vest to knit... well, I couldn't really make a decision one way or the other but I ended up choosing a pattern from a knitting magazine that I just happened to pick up at the newsagents. You see the strange thing is that I NEVER look at knitting mags, I don't really buy magazines but for some reason, I wondered down the aisle, picked up a mag, thumbed through it & there was a blokes vest. So, I decided fate had chosen this one for me!   

I then trotted off to the local yarn store to pick some 'bloke' coloured yarn and then off home to start to knit it in bubbas nap times.
The wool is deliciously soft and I adore the colour which is a sort of steel black with flecks in it and it knits up beautifully.
I'll keep you updated as I go along, but please bear in mind that this is a secret knit project & can only be done when hubby isn't at home!!
I've popped the deets onto Rav here too.


  1. Sounds like fate has chosen for you Rie and that yarn is gorgeous. Have fun making :) Kx

  2. It is looking great so far. I love the color your knitting too.

  3. Love that yarn! I would buy a bunch just to have it hanging in a basket in plain view (since I do not knit).

  4. Your brave Rie! My husband has been asking for a vest since I made one for Cohen, but I still haven't started yet. Knitting for toddlers is ok, if it is too big they grow in to it. But I'm worried about knitting for Dave in case it doesn't fit. Are you diving in, or have you done swatches for tension?

    I do love the look of that yarn and I love that you are keeping it a surprise. Make sure you hide it! :)

  5. gorgeous color you chose!


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