24 April, 2015

Love big, buy small.

Before you think that I am being stingy or mean, when I said small, I didn't mean buy itty bitty sized stuff!   What I'm trying to say is love big, with all your heart and soul but buy gifts that are either direct from the maker or from small businesses.  Let the joy of the sale go directly to the person that spent hours on making your item rather than into the back pocket of some big CEO.
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The above pin cushions are divine aren't they?  I saw them on the makers instagram page & asked her if she could sell it to me and make another. She did. They are for my mother & my mother inlaw for Mother's Day, so sssh, it's a secret!

So, what do you have planned for your Mum?
I thought I'd provide some suggestions for you, as I sometimes have to fumble around in the dark to find suitable gifts.

For the garden loving mum, possibly the worlds most cutest birdhouse ever (it's a lil caravan!)

For the mum who needs more storage. (I've got one of these & it is brilliant)

For the cushion loving mum, who loves wombats.

For the mum that loves jewellery this has a quirky yet simple design.

For the mum that needs the cutest ever plant holder. (yes please!)

For the mum who would get a giggle out of this quirky softie.

For the mum who needs a new bag. (it's on sale too!)

For the mum who needs to start her day with coffee. (I know a few people that need this!)

For the tea loving mum.

For the mum who loves snail mail & penpals.

For the crafty mum.

For the baking mum.

....or, how about doing your bit for charity AND give your mum an awesome present too?
You can buy this colouring book (above) and 100% of the money goes directly to the HLTTV. You could team it with these pencils and by golly gosh, it would be an awesome gift!
Also, did you know that I designed one of the pages in the book?  Yep, I did!  I designed this one......  what do you think, is it good, ok, brilliant or umm, pass??!!


  1. Preach! I believe in this message SO much, what a fab post. Thank you so much for sharing, they're beautiful and I'm going to check out the other things now!

    1. If you have any fab Mother's Day ideas, please share them too!

  2. Well I love all those things! I know an Author how exciting even if it is a very artistic coloring book! I might need to get one or are they only in Austrailia? How wonderful I am so proud of you!

    1. I'm not really an author just a contributor but thanks for the compliment! And yes, I do believe it is available for all international!


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