10 April, 2015

Taa daa ... something for my sweet boy.

Here is the sweetest boy on earth.
He looks after me and always makes my heart smile.
He looks after his baby sister too, I love him to bits.  So I knitted him a vest to spoil him just a little and he loved it!
He chose the colour of the yarn last year but then I sneakily hid the knitting from him as I wanted it to be a surprise.
 And boy was he surprised!  I showed him the finished jumper and asked him if he liked it. He said yes, I then told him that was good because I knitted it for him.
I then got the worlds biggest grin and a huge bear hug and then we popped it on him.
It fitted perfectly with lots of room to grow and lots of room to add layers underneath for the cooler weather.
Of course we needed to get some modelled shots of the vest so we took a family trip to a park and had a lovely time walking around the trees and having a morning tea picnic.

The pattern is ace as is the yarn. I'll be knitting this vest over & over again during the coming years!
All the knitting details are here......

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  1. I love it! He is Mr. Joe Cool with them shades and vest!


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