03 June, 2015

Knitty stuff, a request & an apology

Wow, hello June!  Gosh, it's gotten cold here in Tasmania and the first day of winter showed no mercy. Brrrrrrrr. It's too cold to just sit here and knit, that's saying something!  I did manage to finally warm the house up, I shut all the doors, popped on thick socks and layers of woolly warmth and cranked up the heater. Then I started a new knitty project, as part of a June challenge.

This is what the it looked liked when I started it .....
Three days later, and the very first photo on this blog post (above) is what it looks like now. It's not finished, I need to block it (to flatten it out) then add the rest. What is it going to be? .... a shrug for Delaney and yes, this is my first attempt at knitting a lace pattern, so of course I got grumpy with it but kept going with it... I don't think I'm calm enough to attempt a bigger lace project!
A request....

If you have a moment of two, could you please pop over here..... and 'like' the pin on Pinterest. It's my entry into the Umbrella Trimmings comp and I made fabric magnets. You can also have a chance to win something, all you need to do is also leave a comment/s on  pins on the board.
An apology...

Firstly, sorry for the crappy photos, the weather is so bleak here and the internet so slow which equals crappy photography.
Secondly, I haven't even started my May block for the Sampler Blanket ....oops. I hope to do this by the end of this week, fingers crossed.  I won't bother you yet about 'showing us your blocks', instead perhaps I'll remind you of some of the awesome discounts I have secured for you!

20% off yarn & fabric at Little Crafty Shop, click here for more details.
20% off hand-dyed yarn at Fibre Revolution, click here for more details.
15% off quilting supplies at Quilting by Fiona, click here for more details.

So, what is the weather like where you are?  Cold, hot, snowy, heatwave? 

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