25 June, 2015

Storage for Penpal Correspondence

How do you store your penpal letters?  If you don't have a penpal, then maybe I'm asking you how do you store things like birthday cards or any other correspondence? I was storing my stuff in a box, then it moved to a plastic band then basically it just moved to the floor and yep, it was a mess so I decided to do something about it.
I popped to my local department store and picked up a generic expanding folder then rushed back home to 'fancy it up'.
What do you think of the results?  Does it look cute enough? Perhaps you'd like to make one for yourself too?

To make one, firstly you will need an expanding file with a thicker cardboard exterior (for strength & durability), an old pillowcase, fabric glue (I used a spray glue), sharp scissors, some patience and then some pretty doilies and stickers to finish it.
You will need to iron the pillowcase and gently cut away the seams leaving you with a long rectangle. Lay the pillowcase flat and position the expanding file on top of it, apply glue and press firmly & evenly to ensure a smooth finish. Allow to dry then trim away the excess fabric.

I finished mine with doilies around the handle & clip and then some pretty alphabet stickers on the inside, you may also like to add some of these envelope stickers to jazz it up as well.

Happy making!