02 July, 2015

Some awesome things

It's cold down here in right now, really cold. Brrrrrr, too cold to even knit - now that is cold! Seriously, even though it's not snowing outside my front door it still is freakin' cold, I have to walk to & from school for the school pickups pushing a pram with a coat so thick that I can barely lift my arms with the rain beating down on me soaking me to the skin... so yeah, I feel I can say that it's cold.

So what does one do when it's that cold? Well, personally, I sit in front of the heater with a hot cup of tea and surf the internet or write penpal letters. I love 'window shopping' online and where is my favourite place to window shop?  Yep, Etsy.
So, to make life easier for you (I say this because I'm awesome like that) I have compiled a list of some really awesome items that I have discovered that I just busting to share with you.
So, here goes....

Awesome things to wear.....
Leather Shoulder Bag with Clutch SetRaising Buck Vintage Photo Necklace
Wood Geometric Necklace // AUSTRALIA // Minimal Jewelry // Mint // Yellow // Mustard // Hand-Painted Necklace // Modern Necklaces // ChevronBootie Yellow - Free shipping *** Leather boot. Woman boots. Handmade in Argentina
  Leather shoulder bag with clutch by ladybuq
Raising Buck necklace by Augenblickphoto
Wood geometric necklace by Valentiolandia
Yellow boots by QuieroJune

Awesome storage things....
Business card holder / Credit card case / Credit card organizer / Fold card case / Cat hand dyed Handmade jewelry box / bandsaw box / home  decor / art deco / desk organizer / wood sculpture / made in canada / miniature furniture
Large Felt Storage Bin with Light Blue Wood Handles, Felt Basket, Storage Basket, LB-04  Complete Cloud Storage Set of desktop organizers: nesting boxes, desk caddy post-it note holder and pen holder made from Baltic Birch
 Card holder by DooDesign
Handmade Storage by RoysBox
Large felt storage bin by loopdesignstudio
Cloud storage set by OhDierLiving

Awesome things to send in the mail.....
Open Me If You've Had A Shitty Day -  Thinking Of You - Feel Better - Positive Messages DIY Retro TV Photo Frame & Pen Holder | BROWN Wood Design | Cute Office or Home Desk Accessory | Printable template instant download
 Animal Gift tape   Harry Potter Secret Map Print

Open Me If You've Had A Shitty Day card by AlexisWinter
TV photo frame by SkyGoodies
Animal gift tape by jimbobart
Harry Potter secret map by BedlamSupplyCo

Awesome things to keep you occupied....
   Mozzarella & Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit- 8 batches
 Original Tree Change Dolls ® Colouring Book, original drawings by Sonia Singh 
Zentangle Colouring Page by TheTangledCat
DIY Cheese kit by UrbanCheesecraft
Tree Change Dolls colouring book by TreeChangeDolls
Rag doll kit by Janefoster

So, what else is Awesome??  Do you have an 'Awesome' wishlist on Etsy? 
And not to be boring or anything but please tell me what the weather is like where you are!

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