13 July, 2015

Taa daa

Not wanting to be boring but what is the weather like where you are?  Here in Tasmania, it's freakin' cold!  I've been sick for the past five weeks with a bad headcold and have been struggling alone with day to day stuff, not much time for fun crafty stuff.
I did manage to finish a project on my needles, it's a dress for Laney made from scraps from this. It's not exactly the choice colours I would have chosen if I was purchasing the yarn specifically for the dress but hey, I was trying to use what I have!
I'm seriously hoping that Laney won't look like a clown when she wears it... what do you think? Is it too clownish?
It's got a button on the back, that is the only difference between the front and back.

I still have some scraps of yarn left over but I think it's time to dump them in a basket in the cupboard & knit something in one colour!

Pattern details on Ravelry here...

Ok, cup of tea time for me now.