29 July, 2015

Hello, talk to me.

My life right now is pretty boring, I seem to have the same routine day after day. I get stuck in a cycle of normalcy that I can't seem to break it. 
I guess it doesn't help that for the past 8 weeks I have had a headcold/virus that I just can't shake, that is probably contributing to my moroseness (if that is an actual word!). 
It takes all of my energy to act 'normal', to get up and go when all I want to do is hide in a dark corner or sleep.

It also doesn't help that people around me are struggling too. Too many people have given up, three suicides not directly connected to me but I feel their impact. Then I sit and chat to a fella with a child the same age as mine and he tells me about how he is planning life after his death but he isn't giving up (like the rest), he is fighting, he isn't letting his cancer beat him.
I'm fighting for him too, I'm trying to be positive and helpful (without being too helpful) and just generally normal. Yes, that word again...normal.  I think when someone finds out that somebody has cancer that things change for them but I think that the person with the dreaded C, needs normalcy. So yes, I'm cheering him on from the sidelines.

Depressed yet? Sorry.

I have managed to knit some stuff. I'm halfway through a dress for Laney and I've started reading a book that is actually quite interesting and I've learnt a lot from just the first chapter!  Have you ever delayed reading a book that you thought would be a drag but in fact turned out to be the opposite too?!

Also, it was my sister in-laws birthday recently so I bought her a gift voucher from Etsy so she could choose anything from any store and she ended up getting one of these DIY kits. I mean...wow! I didn't even know such things existed and now she says she is hooked and I can see why, they look so ace!

So come on, talk to me.
Are you still there? What have you been doing? What's for dinner? Do you have a book that you are reading? Do you have anything to say?


  1. I'm sorry you have had the cured virus/cold thing. I had one last Winter and it really floored me. I know how hard it is to even get out of bed when you have felt sick for so long. The thing that I discovered a couple of years ago that really cheered me up when I was really sick was podcasts. You feel like you have a friend in your house chatting about a mutual love of craft. If you want to explore, the http://knittingpodcast.blogspot.co.uk/ is a great place to start, or just go to YouTube or iTunes and search for the podcast subject of your choice.

    1. Ooh, I never even thought of podcasts - that is a brilliant idea, thanks for the links too!

  2. ashley tenaglia29 July, 2015

    Winters in Hobart are long cold and boring! I definitely struggle more this time of year. For dinner I made lamb curry. And the kids had spaghetti lol. Im reading kinder enrollment forms. And here's my guilty admission - I'm glad tomorrow is a work day! Keep on keeping on, hopefully the winter blues will fade & you start to get better xx

  3. I think we all get stuck in that normal zone, I know I'm feeling it this winter. I'm not reading any books at the moment, but I just cast on a new pair of socks and am thinking that I'd love to try and do one pair per month - we'll have to see how that goes though!

    1. A pair a month sounds like a plan - my mum makes all of ours socks for us, I give her the yarn and then she knits the socks & gives them to us for birthdays & Christmas - it works out well!

  4. *hugs* I will write you via post.


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