06 August, 2015

Starting to hexify my life

I recently joined a swap over on Instagram for creating & sharing one inch hexagons, let me tell you now that I totally fell in love with the fabric!
The fabric that we were required to use was Liberty Tana Lawn fabric, have you ever used this before? It's a bit pricey and the fabric is light weight but ohmygosh, I'm in love!
There are so many 'small prints', in the range and phew, what a huge range - I couldn't pick just one favourite print!  Do you have a favourite Liberty print?
Once I received my hexies in the mail, I then threw a batch of my white fabric hexies in and started playing with layouts. I really like the above layout but I think it would work better with the one shade/colour like just pinks or just yellows.
Another design but for me, there was still too much 'going on' - do you agree or disagree?
Ahh, that's better!  I like the white flowers with the colourful Liberty centres - do you think I made the right choice?
To make my life easier, this is how I'm creating the flowers. I'm stitching bunches of four hexies together then I'm joining them to the bigger piece.
So, does it look ok?  I am enjoying hand stitching it, even if I am getting a callous on one finger from the needle!

Also, sorry for the gloomy photos - it's winter here and the last couple of days have been gloomy and snowing. Yep, snowing!  A first for us, it's the first snow in our suburb in twenty five years! 

 Also, I know I said that I didn't have a favourite Liberty fabric but this one might just come close!

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