28 August, 2015

and he became a pigeon

 It's bookweek here in Australia, which basically means that us parents have to rummage around in our craft cupboard and magically create a costume that represents your child's favourite character in a book.
First things first ...one favourite book?

Ha!  Joe has a different favourite book every day!  The solution, I walked to his bookshelf, looked at the all the books and pulled down several that had characters in them that I could potentially turn into a costume.  He chose a classic that used to be his Dad's book when he was a kid, the book is called Poor Pigeon and yes, I hunted around online & you can still buy it!
Right, ok. A bird, he want's to dress as a pigeon. Hmm. Scratch head then suddenly remember some fabric you bought a couple of  years ago from Spoonflower because it looked cute but never did anything with.
Next year, well I'm hoping he'll want to go as a dinosaur so I can get him this!
Ok, so how did I do? Did I pass my first parenting costume creation?!!

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