30 August, 2015

Taa daa

Woot woot, I finished another dress for Laney!  This dress took me ages because not only is it fine yarn (fingering weight) but I've been sick for three months! 
Do I have you fooled thinking that I used a gradient yarn? 

...well I didn't! 
When I finished the dress looked like this...
..too bland and pale for my lil girl so I decided to experiment and dip dye it.

First I knitted a test piece (which if it works, was to be the bow on the finished dress)...
before & after


 Then to soak, dip, squeeze, dip, squeeze over & over again.

So yep, I think it worked ok.
  ...oh & um, it's still needs to have the buttons added & the lil bow sewn on but hey, I'm excited and wanted to show you!