17 August, 2016

A pressie for my Mum

A big happy birthday to my Mum ...but what to make someone who has lots of stuff? 
I made her a bag, in her colours so I hope she likes it because they are the exact opposite of my colours!  I also popped in a vinyl front on the first pocket and then covered a boo-boo with buttons!

I still hold true to my review of the bag pattern here...  The pattern for this bag is absolutely shockingly terrible to understand & if I could, I would have ask for a refund..... but after I've seen the designer bully other customers, I'm not game to become one of her victims. 
If you wonder why I don't want to spread joy about this bag, here is a screenshot where the designer bullied a customer for asking about her order in a Facebook group that was especially for the orders:

So that being said, I'm 100% over this bag. I've since made myself one but then every time I looked at it, it gave me the heebee-jeebies .. so I gave it away.  There are so MANY nice bag patterns out there, lots of great alternatives so I'll list some below so you can check them out and see if they inspire your creativity.
The 'original' multi divider bag: The Sew Together Bag pattern here...
A fantastic divider storage bag: A Place for Everything pattern here.. (it's on my list of bags to make!)    and you can do a fantastic online class that comes with the pattern for the bag here.....
One of my favourite craft bags is the Double Zip Gear Bag pattern. I absolutely love mine as it's great for storing things that you are currently using as it doesn't roll or tip over and it's perfect for car trips or just sitting on the couch. I filmed a pattern review of this so check that out for a better look inside.
I've made 4 projects from the book Stitched Sewing Organizers, they're really useful and have clear concise directions and are fun to make too! I filmed a book review of this sewing pattern book (here.....) along with some of the projects that I made from it.

or if you'll still keen to try this bag even after my review then go on! The pattern is called the Bionic Gear Bag or BGB and it's available here........

If you need more Crafty Inspo, then check out my shoppable lists here....

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  1. I too have bought this pattern and it is probably the worst written pattern I have ever bought. Pages and pages of waffle. I edited it down to a few pages before I tackled it. I made one bag and never again. Her Craftsy page used to be full of vitriol against the designer of the Sew Together bag - very unprofessional

  2. It is so sad and disappointing that ST is being unprofessional to many of her customers. I have recommended buying her pattern to many quilters and now very sorry I did. It seems Crafty will not get involved, which is also disappointing.

  3. This is awful ! Very unprofessional designer.

  4. You have made a beautiful item though, job wel done :) xx


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